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Steamy books and more 💋 Bat shit crazy and inappropriate!

First Time Hotwife / Alpha Claims Her.

I love my boyfriend; I like how kind and gentle he is. I hate how people take advantage of him; I feel so bad for him. If I could take his place, I would.

Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Unsplash

Saturday night at the lake, the water was warm; the sky was full of stars. Snuggling on the blanket with Henry, it couldn’t get any better.
“I forgot something back at the car,” Henry said. “I’ll be right back.”
“Don’t leave. I’ll be all alone in the dark.”
“It’s something we have been talking about,” Henry said.

We had been talking about a lot of things. Marriage, kids, college. My mind had been on the ‘making kids’ part. We had talked about finally ‘doing it’ I was so ready to give it up. Did he finally get the nerve to…

Dirty Drama (Sex is at the end)

She’s been a pain in my ass for years. God, I loved her!

Story inspired From Eric Prydz — Call On Me (Official HD Video) [2004]

I was a short, thin, noodle armed guy, not bad looking, but I rocked an inhaler in those days. The glasses didn’t help either. Not the image of a stud, to be sure. When everyone was into Saturday Night Fever, I was reading John Carpenter of Mars, Dune, and Lovecraft as I waited in line once again for Star Wars. Hey, it was episode four.

I had a crush besides Princess Leia, her name was Tanya. She was always hot, always perfect, always out of my league. She took dance, gymnastics, and she was good at it all. Guys dropped…

Newsletter / insta-love of a hotwife’s granddaughter (it will make sense)

A seasonal thought as we go into fall. I thought I would do an insta-love story this time.

Photo by Mahdi Bafande on Unsplash

Thanks for all your support this year. It’s been a blast. One thing I have meant to do is a MM story. With a bi and a straight guy, or maybe two straight guys going bi. My husband was navy and I constantly tease him about it. So I will get to that.

I have been on vacation

I have been out riding my bike and bikepacking. My ass is sore and not in the preferred way, but now I am back. In my absence, Isla Chiu, Loelei Sands, and Donal Gerigh have been filling in regularly. I wrote a couple, but connectivity was spotty…

Hotwife Erotica / Second chance sort of

Confident, loving and understanding, he’s the only man I will ever love.

Photo by Caique Silva on Unsplash

The party is raging. We decided not to have a reception, just a drunken celebration. Vince had been in the hospital for almost three years. After his accident, he was in a coma. I sat with him most days at first. His mother told me to go home, live my life. But Vince was my life. Two years in, my conviction waned and I found myself in bed with some guy from a bar, cum streaming out of my pussy. I was mad at myself. Not for the sex, but how good it felt.

I went to his bedside, and…

Insta-love / Metal Erotica

Older, does it really mean better, I love my life; I am Ok. Really. I tell myself!

YouTube video that inspired the story… If you love metal, go check them out!! (DO it, NOW!!!)

Lola Downs asked me to write a story with her in it. She wanted me to write a super-hero story. I so did.

Be warned: This is a love story, yes, there is fucking, but this is not my normal erotica. It’s a chick thing. I needed the feels today.

I got married years ago. Been there, done that! Fuck that. Three years I can’t get back. It was fine at first, isn’t it always? I was OK. I was. …

Newsletter / Insta-love short

A fall fantasy story. We are teaching and need your support as followers, and what’s ahead going into fall.

Stock Photo by premium

Hey guys, fall is coming and around Bella Cooper Books it’s a special time of the year. Coming from Germany, there was October Fest, fasching or fastnacht (or Karneval in the north, in November, suck it Thanksgiving), Christmas day (first and second one). Combined with all the American holidays and it’s a fun time a year. When your drunk aunt blows the neighbor, or your dad gets caught with your best friend, and of course school started again, slutty teacher/student stories really start the season. Who doesn’t like chicks in glasses? …

Taboo Step Mother / Hotwife / Cuckold

It’s a complicated relationship, but then, that’s all I have ever known. Complication, frustration, but now I have all the men in my life.

Photo by Darius Bashar on Unsplash

Camping on the high desert is always a freeing experience. I love camping, ever since I was in the marines, all those hot guys, and bushes. These days, out in the wilds we wear no clothes, god I love it. A family of nudists, nothing untoward, until this trip.

I married my fourth husband six years ago now. Yes, I know I have had a problem with fidelity. He’s freed me in so many ways. Emotionally, physically. He’s absolved me of all sins. He told me when we met that he does not believe in them. …

Cuckold Role Play

Do you have to fuck other men to cuck your husband? Maybe, or maybe you just have to be a good liar. stock photo

I walk around all day wet, ever since I found my husband’s browser history. We weren’t having issues, nothing I would complain about. Money was good. Sex was OK. I knew he jacked off. But to what I didn’t know. Until one day, my husband went out and left his laptop unlocked. I clicked around and found the videos, women getting their pussies stuffed with enormous cock. Some black, some white. All of them screaming in ecstasy.

I remembered the first time I saw one. There was a very muscular guy. His cock hung halfway to his knees. A woman…

Older Woman Younger man / Taboo / Cheating

He’s dated my daughter, he’s young and sexy. I had often teased with my girlfriend that we wished we could fuck him. Who dares, wins! free stock photo

It must have been four am. There was some shuffling and low key ruckus in the hall. My husband was out cold, on ambien and dead to the world. Was someone breaking in? Wondering what was going on, I put on my robe, I sleep nude, grabbed my lil slugger bat and went to go check it out.

We didn’t live in the best neighborhood. We had been broken into before, and my husband had a gun because of it, but I wasn’t comfortable handling it. I crept into the hallway and there was someone at the door. It was…

Vixen and Stag Erotica / Elements of femdom

My wife and I had talked about swinging for a long time. We met a cute couple and went to their cabin for the weekend. But that’s where the swinging ended. stock photo

By the time I dried the dishes and went to see my wife was already naked. Her long sexy legs spread and another man was mounting her. The raw heat of it. How she seemed to crave him was a punch to my ego. But the moan she let out for this new dick; that made me look away. I didn’t want to watch as I had imagined. The sounds of their bodies slapping together, the moans interrupted by the kissing. It was all too much and made me sick to my stomach.

I entered the den and sunk down…

Bella Cooper

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