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From here you can see my entire empire, such as it is. (Check out the links below)
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Other Book Sellers…
And for those among you who want a little more still…

And… Social media flash fiction and their Medium.com links.

I am a short story and flash fiction writer. And I have been writing for many years. I have another index on Link tree for commissions, buying me gifts or tipping, if you are so inclined.

Most of my stories are on Medium (where you are now) and the catalog is over 500 stories and counting. I also have some books you can buy here as well.

I tend to write hotwife/cheating stories, but I have a wide catalog, so nothing is off the table. Send me your idea, BellaCooperBooks@gmail.com and I can even put you in the story. Nothing you can write will shock me (I dare you)

I was selling on other platforms before I sold direct. So… If you prefer not to buy direct. See the folks below…

I do have a Sofia gray account, where I have stuff (panties, pictures etc…) and I do not apologize. (I’m too old for that shit) I am up for adding stuff to it. Drop me a line at BellaCooperBooks@gmail.com and let me know.

Note about Medium: You get three free stories a month and my newsletters are also free. But, if your not a member yet, for five bucks a month, you can join and get the full benefit of my work. And because you also get ALL of medium, you can pretend it’s for the “tech articles” or whatever you are into when you get caught :)




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