Cuckold Erotica / Femdom / Elements of Anal Play.

Marriage is hard by nature, right? I used to think that until I gave in to my wife’s way of doing things.

It started one day last October. I lost my job and went home. I was trying to decide if I wanted to tell Carmen right away, or try to find something first. At least have an iron in the fire. But when I got home, I found her car in the driveway, a strange car on the street.

Carmen had told me that she had gotten a job just to help out and she seemed very happy since she started. But why was she home? Did she quit? …

Ménage-Sharing Erotica / FemDom / Con-Dub-Con Fetish

I am the other woman. God I miss it, I loved his infidelities. It was exciting. But he had become respectable, vanilla. I needed to break him of that. premium stock photo

My husband was another woman’s man. That’s right, I am the other woman. It was a great arrangement. He was my regular dick. I was the girl in the office that would bend over for him in the boardroom.

I loved it because it was the day job and I got to go clubbing at night, bring a guy home to fuck, kick him out in the morning and go fuck my boss. I was pretty busy and loved it. But the condom broke. …

Sissy Cuckold Erotica / Cheating / Office sex

I love the taste, the feel of it in my mouth. I can’t stop, I know this is cheating, but I tell myself it’s just a blowjob. Then my husband found out, now what? Stock Photo

I gave my first blowjob about six years after I got married. But not to my husband. His name was Jerry. I worked with him. He was nice, well built, and we liked to take walks at lunch. We had a flirty friendship. I joked about his gorgeous eyes; he complimented me on my hair.

It was innocent fun until that day in the park. We sat on the grass eating lunch. I knew we were getting dangerously close. Then the kiss and the next thing his hand was wrapped in my ‘it looks gorgeous today’ hair that I did…

Cheating Erotica / Elements of Second Chance

Community theater can be fun. Usually some college students putting on classics everyone has seen a hundred times. But they have never seen anything like this when I bent over that desk. stock photp

I was having lunch with a girlfriend, and we were commiserating about her college graduation. I had gotten married and taken two years off. After all, I was only a theater major. She had, of course, continued, partied, gotten laid. I was a little jealous of that life. Looking back, I think I wasn’t completely ready to give it up.

“So anyway, that last year I let him dick me and I threw my pills away. I just said fuck it,” Megan said, rubbing her swollen belly. “So, you’re back? And in a play?”
“Yeah, the director is SO full…

Cuckold Erotica / Wife Sharing

Letting my husband’s boss take me, transform me, and letting my husband know, I’m giving it to him freely. stock photo

Never in a million years would I have thought I would be in a place as beautiful as Hawaii. Especially on my husband’s salary. It really is a dream come true to walk the beaches and hike. But I had to do it without my husband because it was a company retreat and he was gone all day. We had been here for three days already, and I have only seen him a handful of times. Only at night when he comes back to the hotel to go to sleep. …

Cheating Erotica / Hotwife

Things just broke down between us with this quarantine. Our lives were disintegrating. I didn’t mean for it to happen but it did, I spread my legs for another man, and it brought us back from the brink! premium stock photo

What can I say, quarantine has gotten on my last nerve. Along with my husband, my kids and my job, which I quit last week. I am so tired of watching Jerry on the zoom meetings so clearly jacking off under the table. He was a pig then, now he’s worse. He thinks I don’t know, but I see his right arm moving.

It’s not that I don’t love my husband, I do. But we have never spent so much time together in our lives. I don’t think most couples have. So I started a garden and tried to occupy…

Step Mother Erotica / Cuckold / Taboo

My second marriage was a match made in heaven. She was everything I could have imagined. I wanted to share that with my best friend. Stock Photo

I divorced in 1985, my ex died in 1990 and my son, Cole, came to live with me. In a lot of ways, we were more like buddies than father and son. I loved having him around. Then came high school. We didn’t do a lot together. He was busy with school mostly, but I noted he didn’t have a lot of friends.

During that time I started dating Heather, 25, nice body; a knock out, really. I met her in line at the grocery store. She blushed when she noticed I was staring. …

Shifter Romance Erotica / First time / Paranormal

Tabatha's powers are slipping away, a young witch about to be mundane, she was desperate to find a way. Even if that meant giving herself to a creature that might kill her. Wallpaper Free

My mother is a witch, so is my sister. I have no such aspirations. I barely have the magic in me. My uncle and I hang out at his tattoo parlor. He is a demi-scribe; a sort of warlock that senses lay lines in the body and enhances them with special inks. Inscribing channels of power through the skin to cast spells.

“Sorry pumpkin,” he says. “I can look a thousand times, the lines are just not that strong,” he said, marking their location with a silver pen. The thin henna ink tracing them along my arm, chest and belly.

Taboo First Time Erotica / Elements of lesbian, Cuckqueen, PI-ish.

I wasn’t into ‘boys’ really, a little dating, a dance, but nothing serious. I was a good girl, up to eighteen. I thought I knew everything, until I found the pictures. Premium Stock Photo

I am a slut by nature. I have known this about myself since I was a teenager and discovered a few pages of a Penthouse under my brother’s bed. They were folded and a little worse for wear. My brother had moved to college two years earlier and wasn’t coming back. So, when I turned eighteen I got his room, if I cleaned it out. The woman in the on the pages was so hot. She turned me on so much I questioned my sexuality. I had an idea guys wanted girls a lot, but this made me wonder. …

Instalove Erotica / Mistaken Identity

A date with a married woman, just a hookup. Simple, you know what you’re getting, everyone is DTF. I was playing the part, falling for her all the while. Premium Stock Photo

Dating apps suck for men, I have to say. After my divorce I joined a few and got crickets. On a lark one day, I signed up on a hookup site for married women. It took a month or so, but I started talking to a woman who described herself as bored and unappreciated. A week later, we made some plans for a hookup. Finally, some action.

I was late. You would think I would get there on time to get my dick wet. But the joke is I will be late to my own funeral. What wasn’t like me…

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