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Steamy books and more 💋 Bat shit crazy and inappropriate!

Cuckold Erotica

She’s been warming up to it for a while. But when she let go, wow… Photo

My wife is a vision. A little older, but she wears it well. Just a little bit of an ass, nice tits that sag just right. I love it when she wears revealing things. I love it even more when she goes out without a bra. …

PI erotica / Cheating / public taboo sex

He’s sexy, I’m in need, but is it enough to let go of my morals? You bet.

It’s been a month since we went on vacation. The vacation sex is great, but it’s long since dried up. My pussy was in need. I went through the batteries in my vibrator three times. Did I give up? …

First time / lesbian / leads to 4 way with husbands

She’s my best friend, partner in crime. She knows where all the bodies are buried. Why we never did this before?

Stock wallpaper from courtousy of Reality Kings

My husband bought some passes to a day spa. My birthday is on October 13th, and he usually does something like that.

“Thanks Honey, when are we going?” I asked. “On my birthday?”
“I was thinking you and a friend could go. I’ll give you mine on the 13th.”

Older Woman — Younger Man Erotica

She makes no apologies for who she is, what she’s done, and what she likes. I’m lucky to be the one she’s doing it to now.

Uschi Obermaier by Jeanloup-Sieff (Vogue Italia, 1972) Inspired the character Mrs. GangBang.

Women, they don’t make them like they used to. My father used to say that. I believe him now. I have had my share of women. The good, the bad, the ugly. I’m not fucking picky. I just want a good woman. But maybe I’m just not a good man…

Newsletter / PI Cuckold Erotica

It’s a marketing thing, sure, but how can you say no. This time I present a raw story, and a ways to interact with me! Mmmm.

Made with stock assets from Canva it’s a little movie DM me with if you don’t want to post on the challenge

Dicks and Pussies Oh My,

If you have not been out on twitter, you probably don’t know. I am embracing the dick pics and hot sexy pics from women. All of it. Why? Well, I get them anyway. Ironically, since I pinned the post on twitter, people stopped sending nasty pics. Let’s see if some…

Cheating Erotica / True Confession

Sexting with another man leads to cheating, right? Thank God it did, and I am a better wife because of it!

I started texting with my friends a while back and pretty soon I was good at it. I have to say, a tablet is better than a phone. I can connect, send pictures and… cheat on my husband. I found my first partner online in a chat room on Facebook…

Step Taboo / PI / Partner Sharing

And was it ever intense!

The holiday season is upon us, and I am not looking forward to it. Morgan, my husband, decided to call it quits. He was nice enough to leave the house, so generous, since I bought it BEFORE we married. Fuck him. If he had gone for it, I would simply…

Erotic Drama / Babysitter / Elements of Femdom.

You take him for granted. You tell him you’re too tired and busy. There’s a cure for that. What are you willing to pay for it? premium photo

Mr. Grey is a good guy. But like many, he’s repressed. I can tell by how he looks at me, my body. His wife thinks she’s all that. Important at work, educated, sophisticated. But you know what? He could give a shit. That’s great, but you can’t fuck an education.

Everything in online now. I mean, why not. My husband wants me to have sex with another man. There’s an app for that. free photo

I’m a pretty typical woman, I think. I go to church, I work, I do the dishes. I love my kids, my dogs, and my husband. If…

Younger man — Older woman Erotica / Hotwife

As a younger man he turned my MILF pussy on, the Hotwife I have become wants his cock. I can barely stand it. He’s not getting away this time! premium photo

Read my first post for the full story… or just read…

I had a lot of demons on my shoulder lately. His name was James. I am good friends with the neighbor. A recent development since watching James, her nineteen-year-old son, jack off in their backyard. It devastated her when…

Bella Cooper

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