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Cuckold Erotica

I didn’t think I had it in me. I need to care about someone to fuck them, but that someone had always been there. premium photo

When my husband asked me to go out with other men for the first time, it appalled me. But over time, some porn, and a few chats with friends, I softened. After all, I had several boyfriends before I got married. But that was wrong too, wasn’t it?

“Christ Margarette…

Step Family Erotica

I am such a brat, and always have been since my stepbrother came into my life. Now he’s coming other places. premium photo

It’s all over but the crying. After years of teasing, my stepbrother had enough. Frankly, I wondered why it took this long. But I guess holidays have a way of pushing people in just the right way.

“So, what are you doing tonight, little dick?” I said. Making the same…

Lactation Erotica / Cheating / Older Man Younger Woman

A normally boring late train ride from my job to the city became more interesting. premium photo

The train was empty, except a young hot redhead was sitting across from me. She had a small baby in her arms, a cloth draped over one shoulder, the baby under. From the sounds of it, the little thing was happily sucking away. I wished it was me. …


You have read about story structure, but what am I trying to do in a scene? Short answer, the same thing. premium photo

The story structure I use is simple and not only tells me what I am trying to do at that point, but how many words to use. If you haven’t seen it, go back now and read that. But what about the scene?

Fractal Story Theory

I made it up, but that’s what…

Hotwife Erotica

My wife has been against swinging. What if I like it? You just want other women! The usual stuff. So I set up a party just for her… premium photo

My wife has this notion that she isn’t all that., she’s a little older now and self-conscious. We talked about swinging and sharing her and it always comes back to two things. She feels like it’s cheating and who would want to fuck her, anyway. After much pestering, I finally…

Taboo Teacher Erotics / Older Woman — Younger Man / Cheating

A night of teen debauchery and hormonal abandon spills over into the taboo. premium photo

I have taught for years and years at the same high school. Over the years, it seems the young men have become well, in a word, tasty. To say the least. I’m not the only one that’s noticed. But then the girls these days, wow. They are also more aggressive…

Bella Cooper

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