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Hotwife / Sissy Husband Awakening / Romantic Taboo Love

We all end up in a relationship before we really know ourselves. I question myself all the time, but the fantasy persists. Sharing who I am with someone seems, terrifying. premium photo

An old student of mine showed up to the funeral of my wife and sat next to me. Old being relative. She was twenty now; I think. She had a sweet, good girl look. Now she was very sexy and mature. She put her hand on mine.
“Jack?” she asked…

Taboo Erotica / Older Woman

Sometimes you end up in places in life you never thought you would, then you cling to whomever you can. free photo

I slipped under the covers, naked from the night before, my pussy still reeling from my sexual gymnastics that’s left me sore, and not just in the good places. My cunt still sticky with my young lover’s cum.

The light was dim, seemingly coming from his beautiful body. To be…

Cuckold Erotica / Interracial Breeding

My buddy Victor is a good guy. Right from Russia, he’s got a hot red-headed wife that’s way out of his league. premium photo

My buddy Victor was a mail-order bride. Well, mail order groom I guess. Russian orthodox sort right off the boat. He was a nice enough guy, but something just felt a bit off about him and his wife. Nadia had been born in the states, but her parents insisted she…

Cuckqueen / Interracial / Partner Sharing

The long distance thing wasn’t working until we got a toy. I was Ok that there wasn’t one for men, but my fiance solved that problem. premium photo

I wasn’t happy putting my fiancé on the plane. She was going to be gone at least a year. Residencies for neurology are scarce and competitive. I almost quit my job and went with her. But there was no way. …

Cuckqueen Erotica / Three way

I have a problem. I am constantly complaining about it. Until my best friend fucks my husband for me and fixes everything. free photo

She’s a vision on her knees. His cock in her mouth, your husband’s cock. Her name is Rachel and she’s been your best friend forever. Someone you could ask anything of, someone who you could call to help bury bodies.

Now seeing her there, no shirt, you can’t help compare…


How can you leverage the framework to expand your story to full novels, if you want. In romance and erotica that means more people, for more sex, more drama. premium photo

Remember, the Romance genre is not about going to the moon or running from the killer, it’s about people and their drama, excitement and lust. So, the frumpy professor at my college said, “To master the novel, you must abandon the short story and go into another structure.” …

Cheating Erotica / Dark Erotica / Son-in-law and Mom

Don’t discount an older woman. So you’re tight, so what. I’m smarter than you. premium photo

A new year, a new beginning. There’s no such thing, I think to myself as I sit in the corner of a chain coffee shop. Just time to start over on all the same mistakes. “Can I get you anything else, ma’am?” The little snobby barista asks as I sip…

Cuckold Erotica / Older Woman

He’s just a guy, but it turns out I have been missing the basics, like cock. Sounds shallow, but there’s a depth to the simple pleasures.

From a young age, I tried to plan my life out well. I wanted the traditional middle-class lifestyle. Married by 25, kids by 30, and staying with my husband until we get old and gray, ending up in the same retirement home because we can’t wipe our own asses anymore…

Bella Cooper

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